Ireland’s technology sector is increasingly led by women. Sean Pollock and Fearghal O’Connor profile 30 top executives leading tech giants, innovative startups and more, and we are very proud to have our Co-founder in the list! 

Paula Guimarães, along with business partner Kris Karazissis, moved to Dublin from Italy in 2017 after founding Antikytera, their Enterprise Ireland backed augmented reality company. The technology developed by the firm allows information to be overlaid on live video streams, opening up new forms of collaboration in engineering and other sectors.

 “I am self taught person since the age of 12,” she says. “My passion in computer graphics made me realise the importance of visualisation in our world. When we started we were pioneers of this industry. We had to imagine the future and build technology from out of our imagination.”

In August the firm secured a €15m investment from an unnamed German venture capital fund.