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Augmented Reality Solutions for Real World Results

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Antikytera e-technologies provides custom AR and VR technologies that radically redefines brands and entertainment. We build new interactive experiences between brands and people, real and virtual content and space.


We are the technological vanguard. 

Presenting ERMES for Real Estate sector

On day 19/06, wednesday, from 8:15 am - 10:30 am Kristian Karazissis will be presenting ERMES, the technicians' messenger at CitA Technology Trend Event

ERMES Remote Assistance presentation in Dublin

Antikytera e-technologies will be presenting ERMES Remote Assistance in Dublin on day 09/05/2019, thursday, from 18:30 on. The event will take place on Bank of Ireland GCS. It is open for the public and registration is not needed....

Great pleasure to read this article that recognizes the hard work of our team to provide an innovative solution for the market! SPS IPC Drives Italia 2019 - Beyond "Industry 4.0"

Grande giornata per il team di Antikytera e-technologies Ltd. presso la Fondazione Feltrinelli durante la presentazione del suo prodotto di Assistenza remoto sviluppato in #augmented_reality per Sew Eurodrive Italia.


Do you need to collaborate in real-time? Try ERMES, our remote support  software.


Collaborate in distance with Augmented Reality


Remote asssistance software in Augmented Reality

Connect expert and technician to see and discuss a situation on the field. Both users draw digital annotations (using the finger on the screen) that anchor with precision to the physical objects. It allows the operator to guide the technician through a process, step by step.


Do you need custom solutions for your business?


Solutions that can be applied in every business

Build Highly Immersive And Interactive Experiences with Antikytera e-technologies! We can address the different needs of an enterprise. Here are some of the results we have been gathering:

Marketing & Sales Solutions and Event Management

  • Increase by 60% the traffic and the propensity to purchase your products
  • Improve the reputation of your company and your brand’s image
  • Engage users with highly immersive learning about your products
  • Induct higher entertainment and involvement with a new customer experience

Human Resources and Training development

  • Use a virtual reality development of your company’s processes to fasten learning processes
  • Training time short down by 35% (therefore costs)
  • Lower distractions and information losses
  • Accelerate by 40% the processes of involvement and active participation of staff, customers and every stakeholder

Technical & Manufacturing

  • Increase sales opportunity
  • Increase productivity by 30%
  • Decrease human error by 90%
  • Decrease the learning curve time from an average of 30%
  • Special applications for the logistic area
  • Offer effective remote support software to your clients


We are ready to give life to your projects and ideas!

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