Article by Kelly Earley, a journalist at Silicon Republic, for the Start-up of the Week featuring Antikytera e-Technologies, as a business that has developed assistance software using augmented reality to help companies collaborate.

In this interview Kelly talks about the challenges that come along with setting up a technology business.

From an early age, Karazissis wanted to be an entrepreneur, but spent some time playing professional water polo and the cello before setting up his start-up in a little Italian restaurant back in 2017. He had studied engineering in university and said that he has his family to thank for the opportunities he has been given in life, including his education.

“The development of technology was a challenge, as we had to persuade sceptical clients not only to believe in us, but also in our brand-new technology,” Karazissis said. “We had many doors closed to us, ranging from no access to credit, introductions to clients and a lack of resources. But we found a path through it to where we are today.”