By Stephen Keogh, Enterprise Ireland Trade Development Executive of Energy and Aerospace. This brilliant article talks abtou how Irish companies are primed to help U.S. aerospace on the road to recovery. Antikytera is playing a role in it.

In this article, Stephen identifies that “Areas such as staff training, component tracking, and repair and maintenance can be greatly assisted by the adoption of Irish digital technologies that are changing the way major United States organizations do business. Irish digital companies such as ASD (Aerospace Software Developments), VRAI, and Antikytera are leading the way on this front.”

Antikytera is alleviating the inability to travel as easily as we once did pre-COVID. Helping the experts and technicians that would traditionally be on-site but can no longer do so. Antikytera Ermes solutions offer field technicians, now stuck at home or in the office, the opportunity to have calls with experts and allows for the live importation of annotations and 3D models, meaning that offsite experts can walk a layman through a process saving time and money on travel. While the technology is being adopted across industries, there is a huge opportunity for MRO technicians to capitalize on this unique low effort digital solution.