How Irish companies are primed to help U.S. aerospace on the road to recovery

How Irish companies are primed to help U.S. aerospace on the road to recovery

By Stephen Keogh, Enterprise Ireland Trade Development Executive of Energy and Aerospace. This brilliant article talks abtou how Irish companies are primed to help U.S. aerospace on the road to recovery. Antikytera is playing a role in it.

In this article, Stephen identifies that “Areas such as staff training, component tracking, and repair and maintenance can be greatly assisted by the adoption of Irish digital technologies that are changing the way major United States organizations do business. Irish digital companies such as ASD (Aerospace Software Developments), VRAI, and Antikytera are leading the way on this front.”

Antikytera is alleviating the inability to travel as easily as we once did pre-COVID. Helping the experts and technicians that would traditionally be on-site but can no longer do so. Antikytera Ermes solutions offer field technicians, now stuck at home or in the office, the opportunity to have calls with experts and allows for the live importation of annotations and 3D models, meaning that offsite experts can walk a layman through a process saving time and money on travel. While the technology is being adopted across industries, there is a huge opportunity for MRO technicians to capitalize on this unique low effort digital solution. 

Evento di Bocconi Alumni Community

Evento di Bocconi Alumni Community

A leap into the future: how Antikytera helps our everyday life with AR, with Kristian Karazissis

In this event organised by Bocconi Alumni, Kristian Karazissis, Co-founder & CEO of Antikytera e-Technologies will speak about how his company has been helping everyday life with AR. Antikytera is a technology company providing Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for a new level of remote collaboration. The event will be co-facilitated by Andrea Mene’, Senior Manager at Google and Giulio Falotico, Business Development Manager at Antikytera e-Technologies.​ – Ireland’s top 30 women in tech for 2021 – Ireland’s top 30 women in tech for 2021

Ireland’s technology sector is increasingly led by women. Sean Pollock and Fearghal O’Connor profile 30 top executives leading tech giants, innovative startups and more, and we are very proud to have our Co-founder in the list! 

Paula Guimarães, along with business partner Kris Karazissis, moved to Dublin from Italy in 2017 after founding Antikytera, their Enterprise Ireland backed augmented reality company. The technology developed by the firm allows information to be overlaid on live video streams, opening up new forms of collaboration in engineering and other sectors.

 “I am self taught person since the age of 12,” she says. “My passion in computer graphics made me realise the importance of visualisation in our world. When we started we were pioneers of this industry. We had to imagine the future and build technology from out of our imagination.”

In August the firm secured a €15m investment from an unnamed German venture capital fund.

Antikytera to deliver augmented reality remote collaboration tools to the global market – US Market.

Antikytera to deliver augmented reality remote collaboration tools to the global market – US Market.

The Irish Advantage and Enterprise Ireland interviewed Antikytera’s founder and CEO, Kristian Karazissis to learn about the business progress and the plans and experiences in capturing US clients.

Antikytera provides an augmented communications app for iOS and Android that allows business experts to chat and video call in real-time to discuss a situation in the field — from virtually anywhere. The system’s special AR features allow users to pinpoint a problem directly in the environment which saves time and money, and greatly reduces the in-field knowledge gap.

One of our Major clients in the US is SEW Eurodrive Inc. In the US they operate across Texas, Ohio, South Carolina, California, and New Jersey. We are a technology company, who specializes in using the latest technologies to improve their communication, so our challenge was to create a platform that could allow people to be virtually teleported to a location to provide expert assistance for their clients and manage remote training sessions. We accomplished this, and it’s called Ermes.

Dublin-based AR tech company Antikytera secures investment

Article from Charlie Taylor to The Irish Times regarding Antikytera’s latest accomplishment.

Ermes, which is primarily targeted at large businesses working in areas such as engineering, allows for multiple means of collaboration, using everything from instant chat to 3D visual tools that allow users to highlight objects, draw annotations and then guide technicians step-by-step through processes.

Antikytera e-Technologies is making AR for remote assistance

Antikytera e-Technologies is making AR for remote assistance

Article by Kelly Earley, a journalist at Silicon Republic, for the Start-up of the Week featuring Antikytera e-Technologies, as a business that has developed assistance software using augmented reality to help companies collaborate.

In this interview Kelly talks about the challenges that come along with setting up a technology business.

From an early age, Karazissis wanted to be an entrepreneur, but spent some time playing professional water polo and the cello before setting up his start-up in a little Italian restaurant back in 2017. He had studied engineering in university and said that he has his family to thank for the opportunities he has been given in life, including his education.

“The development of technology was a challenge, as we had to persuade sceptical clients not only to believe in us, but also in our brand-new technology,” Karazissis said. “We had many doors closed to us, ranging from no access to credit, introductions to clients and a lack of resources. But we found a path through it to where we are today.”