Dublin-based AR tech company Antikytera secures investment

Article from Charlie Taylor to The Irish Times regarding Antikytera’s latest accomplishment.

Ermes, which is primarily targeted at large businesses working in areas such as engineering, allows for multiple means of collaboration, using everything from instant chat to 3D visual tools that allow users to highlight objects, draw annotations and then guide technicians step-by-step through processes.

Antikytera e-Technologies is making AR for remote assistance

Article by Kelly Earley, a journalist at Silicon Republic, for the Start-up of the Week featuring Antikytera e-Technologies, as a business that has developed assistance software using augmented reality to help companies collaborate.

In this interview Kelly talks about the challenges that come along with setting up a technology business.

From an early age, Karazissis wanted to be an entrepreneur, but spent some time playing professional water polo and the cello before setting up his start-up in a little Italian restaurant back in 2017. He had studied engineering in university and said that he has his family to thank for the opportunities he has been given in life, including his education.

“The development of technology was a challenge, as we had to persuade sceptical clients not only to believe in us, but also in our brand-new technology,” Karazissis said. “We had many doors closed to us, ranging from no access to credit, introductions to clients and a lack of resources. But we found a path through it to where we are today.”

Antikytera to global success

In this article, Stephen Larkin talks about how Antikytera started in late 2017 at a bar in Italy when Kris Karà and Paula Guimarães met to discuss business. The two decided to relocate to Ireland to start the business and it proved to be a good decision.

Our main asset is the creativity within our product. We are solving a problem in a different way to everyone else and it’s also simplifying the user’s work. We built this by putting ourselves in the shoes of the potential user and that has been the key to our success.

When you look at the start-up scene here in Ireland, the numbers for success stories are not always great. It’s a tough environment and more often than not companies will fail, but to be able to use Antikytera as an example to aspiring entrepreneurs is great for us. These two came to Ireland with just an idea, and now they are working with clients all over the world.

SPS IPC Drives Italia 2019 – Beyond “Industry 4.0″​

Fabio Raffo has been in Parma at the SPS IPC Drives Italia. He writes down this article excited to see how the Industrial Automation ecosystem decided to leverage modern software to exploit new opportunities.

In this article, Fabio Raffo says about Antikytera’s new technology, Ermes, that “allows a simultaneously interact within the 3D environment overlaying ‘persistent’ positioned information. It would find high applicability in special situations where several roles are supposed to check, evaluate the progress of a task – it can span from experimental scenarios, through quality inspection, buy-off till after-sales customer service.”

Out of the pure robotics area, our attention has been captured by a couple of collaboration between industrial automation vendors and startups. The first one was a scenario prepared by SEW-EURODRIVE with the support of Antikytera (ErMes AR App).