Empowering Seamless Communication and Collaboration

Experience the future of visual communication and data collection

Revolutionize Communication

With features like AR calls, live video and chat, and real-time annotation, Ermes enables seamless communication and collaboration regardless of geographical limitations.

Live annotations that stay in place. You have absolute control of what and where you draw.

Draw in any environment

Virtual Object Import

Enhance collaboration by importing 3D models into your AR environment, allowing for immersive exploration and interactive learning experiences.

Import virtual objects into your environment

The power of Augmented Reality (AR) technology with Web Communication to transform your operations and elevate productivity.

Interactive Video Calls

Conduct video calls with Augmented Reality (AR) capabilities, allowing for real-time interaction and collaboration. 

Interactive Broadcast

Share your camera view during calls, enabling colleagues to see what you see and exchange instructions seamlessly.

Redefine data collection

With every interaction, Ermes gathers invaluable insights into customer preferences, trends, and behavior. By harnessing this rich data, you gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs and desires, enabling you to tailor your offerings with unparalleled precision.

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Enterprise Ireland
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Experience the future of communication

Discover how Ermes can transform your business operations.

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