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Virtual dreams and pleasure
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We provide professional services to B2B and B2C, tailored solutions that demands rigorous  processes to simplify repetitive and complex operations, or creative processes to redefine  the company communication.  In other words, we propose you new ways to solve the problems of your marketing, technical  and human resources directions.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is a technology that allows you to interact with physical objects with virtual information, thus it is powerful to provide entertainment with effective comprehension.

Virtual Reality

With Virtual Reality you can provide immersive experiences about your brand’s concepts. It is a powerful solution for emotive replies.


We develop games using the movement of the body as game controller. It makes your customer fully immersed in the game environment, and so in your brand’s message.

Artificial Inteligence

With AI we are able to improve computer functions which are related to human knowledge, for example, reasoning, learning, and problem-solving. The applications are limitless, depending on your brand’s objectives.

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We got started because we want to simplify tasks by using Augmented Reality

The basis for the fourth industrial revolution is the availability of all relevant information in  real time by connecting all instances involved in the value chain. The ability to derive the  optimal value-added flow at any time from the data is also vital. The connection of people,  things and systems creates dynamic, self-organising, real-time optimised value- added  connections within and across companies. These can be optimised according to different  criteria such as costs, availability and consumption of resources. 

Augmented and Virtual reality are in the centre of this revolution , over of the 77% companies  in the U.S.A. About 36% said they were in the early stages of testing, 15% were in the pilot  stage, 17% were moving from pilots to early deployments, and about 9% were in late-stage  deployments. In other words, if your company operates within an industry that has key  competitive metrics that rely on services, knowledge transfer and training, sales and  marketing, or manufacturing, and you’re not looking closely at AR, you’re already falling  behind. 


We are ready to give life to your ideas!

Our development begins at the product idea, covers the order placement and extends  through to development and manufacturing, all the way to the product delivery for the end  customer.   We are ready to transform your ideas to reality. Let’s take a coffee and talk about them. 

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